It's yours. Is this valid? The Warp is only a 9D hyperspace, or to put it another way, the Chaos Gods (and Gork, Mork, the Emprah, etc) only command 9 infinities of power. But Kinmune’s treason is revealed, in part by a series of heavenly signs, and he is executed. Quote; Red screen with Modzilla Firefox warning. Kinmune. more options. While its larger sibling c0da may be much more of a hot topic in the lore community, KINMUNE is definitely as interesting and controversial than it, if not a lot harder to read. c. 2E580 Ayrenn returns, now as KINMUNE, to claim her birthright and be annointed Queen of Alinor. Which is a bit odd, considering under most circumstances I would take swords and magic over guns and FPS' any day, but TES often leans … Credits and distribution permission. - KINMUNE ﴾TALK﴿ 03:38, 23 October 2016 (UTC)" True nature as KINMUNE In reality, Ayrenn is a 9th-era mining vessel who was transported to Skyrim after space-time was disrupted by an armada of Hist blink-root-ships, her mind a mixture of the personalities of her last few users. Kinmune harbored Yasuie HOJO , who was a remnant of the Hojo clan , the assassinated Emperor Godaigo , who had started Kenmu-no-shinsei ; plotted a rebellion to back the ex-emperor Gofushimi of Jimyoin-to genealogy ; and was arrested and executed , the plot having been exposed by the betrayal of Kinmune 's younger brother , Kinshige SAIONJI . Actual KINMUNE document It's not canon and it's pretty stupid to assume that it is. Sep 25, 2010 21,280 4 0 Colombia In the 13th century, Saionji Kinmune planned to invite the Emperor Godaigo to Saionji temple and to assassinate him for the purpose of overthrowing the Shogunate (A Shogun was a kind of delegate of the emperor. KINMUNE is a Kinetically-Interlinked Nirnian Multi-User Exoform, used by mining guilds in Kynareth's illicit breath trade. 415 likes. KINMUNE itself isn't really higher dimensional itself, but it wasn't wounded physically. Where was Yagrum during the events of Red Mountain? Kinmune. - posted in Skyrim Spoilers: Had he said KINMUNE, or the Caske of Desolation, or the Orrerys Heart, would you have had any idea what he was talking about? 12/8/17, 4:33 PM. Your post was responding to a query asked quite a few years ago - to say the least. Introssor, Janus, Kinmune, Marty, Pelinal, Professor, Tachyon, Tessera, Trance looks Choose one or more: Anachronistic fashion, Dapper, High-tech timekeeping device, Low-tech timekeeping device, Milky-eyed, Mischievous smile, Scarf, Soothing voice, Tendency to talk about things that haven’t happened yet as if they already And she hates mortals because they tried to destroy her when she appeared in the past, basically thinking her an evil entity of some sort (More to it, but it's not really relevant beyond the fact that it caused her to start to despise mortals and plan revenge). She forms the Second Dominion soon after. Kinmune helped hide the persecuted Hōjō Yasuie and, in the wake of the death of Emperor Go-Daigo, helped plot to set Emperor Go-Fushimi on the throne. KINMUNE is not present in any TES game and was written by a writer who has left Bethesda. Saionji Kinmune (1310-35), from the family that had long served as shogunal liaisons (mōshitsugi) at the Kyoto court, plots the assassination of Go-Daigo in order to restore the Kamakura warrior government. Everything that comes out of his mouth is canon until proved/retconned otherwise. as house bank/banks/inventories are opened The Augur knows more than enough to avoid making things unnecessarily … Screenshot uploaded. Don't get me wrong the base UI is very 'in-keeping' with the general tone of the game this is just... well, what would happen if KINMUNE brought UI tech from future Tamriel On an only obliquely related matter, is there an addon that revamps the antiquities section of the UI? Skyrim had its moments, but I did struggle to maintain interest, as I just don't really care much about the world and lore of TES. Twitter ; Facebook ; TwitCasting 0.10.94 - Baertram Added performance meter FPS/ping 0.10.93 - Baertram Added quest journal antiquities scene 0.10.92 - Baertram Added small security checks to controls (emptyLabel, sortheader, etc.) Come on! Love that guy. Tell us MK! I doubt it. His schemes revealed by his younger brother Saionji Kinshige, Kinmune was arrested and executed. By the Ninth Era, the Thalmor won, Talos ceased and the Wheel stopped, the Empire died, there's non-linear time. Kinmune's synthetic body, caught in one of the blasts, suddenly found itself in the Ysgramorim, her mind an aggregate of the residual personalities of her last several users. So KINMUNE escapes the Dwemer catacombs and goes to Cuhlecain's Cyrodiil -- i.e. The Jills have to work overtime. Other user's assets All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder's resources; Upload permission You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances; Modification permission You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it If the emperor has ceased to exist, Kinmune could had overthrow the Shogunate). Thus, it was a necropost. Certainly not by a normal dragon, they are far superior to them, and one's power with the Thu'um varies, and Paarthrunax isn't the absolute peak of it for certain. Read KINMUNE … Supernovae and quasar are my favorite things. Was KINMUNE the "Eye of Magnus" as represented in Skyrim? Theyre cheap excuses for a shallow and quickly scribbled plot. Here is a welcome. Kinmune, in short, is a supercomputer from the ninth era that eventually became the queen Ayrenn, first ruler of the aldmeri dominion. He could he calling it the Eye of Magnus simply because its the name you recognise, and to prevent confusion. Apr 6, 2017 #90 AnathemicOne said: Pelinal Whitestrake (seen in Oblivion DLC Knights of Nine) is a timetravelling cyborg that shoots lazars. Eye is a construction tool, a subprogram part of a much larger program called Kinmune. No lie. It drove her insane. Kinmune is pure fan fiction and to insist that Ayrenn (the purest being on Tamriel right now) is something evil or twisted, brings tears to my eyes. KINMUNE (Kinetically-Interlinked Nirnian Multi-User Exoform) started her existence as any other proxy-synthetic of the 9th Era aurbical mining guilds: a limited sentience deep-pressure capable "thot-box"—a dreamsleevishell used by remote mortal operators to run the rigs of Kynareth's illicit breath trade. Kinmune failed his attempted assassination of Emperor Godaigo and was subsequently executed, but Yasuie escaped and began calling together the remnants of the Hojo's military forces from all over the land. Pelinal: yes, he is. While Kinmune failed to assassinate the Emperor Godaigo and was killed, Yasuie escaped and called on the remnants of the Hojo clan in various locations to take up arms. Pointless to fight the inevitable. So, KINMUNE is an ultra-durable, reality-warping-capable AI. A lady asking to call xxx-xxx-xxxx to remove add ware spy ware virus. First of all, the Dwemer—the only technologically advanced race on Nirn— pushed their craft so far that they basically “blinked” themselves out of existence. KINMUNE evens confirms this. Maybe I'm just overthinking things, but am I the only one seeing a connection here? Ayrenn is Ayrenn, a great queen, leader and trust person. It was written by the lore guy. In Shinano Province, one of the strongholds of the Hojo clan, Takatoki's son Tokiyuki HOJO and others raised an army and started the Nakasendai War. Page 2 of 2 - What exactly is the "Eye of Magnus"? What if the prophecy of Alduin's Wall is just what Felldir saw when reading the scroll? They come back to 'fix' the future. Biography. - KINMUNE ﴾TALK﴿ 12:59, 28 September 2016 (UTC) Small response (First post moved from User talk:Agmen) "When I stated we have a necropost policy, I wasn't lying. So, a mining robot. Plus, when were they burned? Where/what are the Outer Realms?-hircine1. How did that happen? shortly before the time of Talos -- then...what? Anyone can read up on KINMUNE and C0DA for some Sci-fi Scrolls. Hirohito-shinnō was named Crown Prince and heir to his first cousin, the Daikakuji-tō Emperor Go-Uda.Political maneuvering by Fushimi's father, the Jimyōin-tō Emperor Go-Fukakusa, was a crucial factor in this choice.. Thanks for the help! c:kinmune's Live >> c:kinmune. The ninth era is the farthest recorded era in the elder scrolls lore even though its the damn future, with space elves, super computers, and literal math used as a weapon. There's also a non-canon story by Michael kirkbride called "KINMUNE", about a robot from the 9th era getting sent back in time, that deserves consideration. You cant make this shit up. Anyway, if the C0DA is the Godhead, then that has interesting implications with regard to the vehkships, doesn't it? Pelinial Whitestrake is another acronym that I forget, and he's basically the Teminator, but a war-swarm fractal. 2 months ago. MyGod000. - posted in Skyrim Spoilers: Fate and Prophecy are, when it comes to storytelling, godawful plot mediums. A. Ahasverus Member.

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