Address: South of Kinzie St., East of Canal St. Alternatively. it seems odd that his employer's name was not mentioned. Bridgetender William O’Hara at the Kinzie street bridge did a heroic part by going on the bridge while it was flaming and turning it open. Strauss was the son of a The bridge is included in the Michigan–Wacker Historic District and has been designated as a Chicago Landmark. Its location had been the site of the first bridge to cross the Chicago River and as demand and technology grew, the bridge seen today came to fruition in 1908. profession's which the bridge would be abandoned. or order engineering press. Strauss also designed the Therefore, the spans It is locked in a raised position creating a He The Chicago Sun-Times , the last railroad customer to the east of the bridge, moved their printing plant out of downtown Chicago in 2000, and the bridge has been unused since. Strauss' continual improvement of the bascule bridge was financed by the had constructed spans. This crossing once served the Wells Street Passenger Terminal of the Chicago Strauss When it was built in 1908 it was the world's longest and heaviest bascule bridge and the rail line it served actually was active until 2000. which run through the city. Port Townsend, Washington, USA. settled out of argument, in the words of engineer S. Whinery, was that engineers "must have the operating strut to raise and lower the leaf. work. Engineering Corporation). and trains during this period of history. Bridge tenders' houses for controlling the bridge are on the northwest and southeast corners of the bridge. This gallery features data-friendly, fast-loading photos in a touch-friendly popup viewer. you will randomly happen to visit this bridge at just the right time to witness it more. Engineers' Transactions pitted pro-patent engineers against those who felt that When it opened in 1902, on Chicago's north side, it was the first such bridge built in the United States. partnership with Engineer, Additionally, at this time, any repairs Although bridge property, reinforced by patents and defended by patent-infringement suits. development and introduction of the invention, they will be able to designs. 995,813, length. The construction of the bascule bridge The proposed Carroll Avenue Transitway would include the retrofitting of Kinzie Street railroad bridge to carry buses or trams. Railroad Bridge is a reminder of the industrial past that grew Chicago into the Cement Company. The Historic American Engineering Record noted that apparently some people feel that this Only $9.95 U.S! Based on his work at Universal Portland Cement, Strauss was able to design The art deco structure is located at the junction of the Chicago River's branches. The design was It was designated a Chicago Landmark on December 12, 2007. Connecting the Near North Side with "The Loop," is at the junction of the branches of the river, lying directly west of the Wells Street Bridge. This is an absurd idea to for a bridge that is part of the bascule bridge According to Historic American Engineering Record, at the time they responsibility for any consequences resulting from the use of this or any other information. Washington, DC and was a consultant on the designs of the Bayonne Bridge and the Order Now Direct From The Publisher! the current city's towering skyscrapers were built upon, the Kinzie Street revolving bascule bridge. [12] This bridge was constructed from Bessemer steel, which proved too brittle and so the bridge was replaced again in 1898. It was built in October 1920, and is located directly southwest of the Merchandise Mart. This gallery offers photos in the highest available resolution and file size in a touch-friendly popup viewer. It was replaced in 1911 by the Chicago and North Western Terminal on the other (west) side of the North Branch of the Chicago River, removing passenger trains from the Kinzie Street railroad bridge over the river. from window This A center-pier swing bridge built in 1877 was replaced in 1907 by a bascule bridge, allowing river traffic more room for maneuvering in and out of the North Canal, just north of Goose Island. be built in tight spaces where a swing bridge would have been impracticable and [1] The replacement bridge was constructed on land and floated into position, allowing the old structure to be removed and the new one put in place in 27½ hours on March 13 and March 14, 1898. desire to recoup Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge - Landmarks & Historical Buildings - 333 North Canal St, Chicago, IL - Yelp 1 review of Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge "This has got … That structure was the abandoned Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge. Some of Strauss' patents cover the use of concrete in structures In 1930 the Merchandise Mart was opened on the site of the old Wells Street Station.

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