Thinking about changing your Fiesta’s gearbox oil? Talk to me. Booked in next week for a ‘reset’ …… seeing other comments I don’t hold out much hope. However, one of the biggest complaints about people who purchase the automatic transmission in the Fiesta is the noise from the transmission. LOL Happy wife poor Husband Thanks for info. What if my car is salvage plus i called the dealership and they said there was no recalls on my car which is a 2012 ford fiesta. Ford has even considered the booming popularity of small SUVs by offering an Active version, complete with tough-looking black wheel arches, jacked-up suspension and roof rails. I brought it to the Ford dealership and was told that the Transmission Module is the culprit as I have just learned from you guys. Our Toyota Avanza 1.3 budget J variant bought on same month outperforms this Fiesta. Replacing a headlamp old man a Ford Fiesta this is a 2010 model so the low beam is out to the dipping so in there the would be replacing and if you look at the back very limited space there so what we will … I am scared it will break down on my way to work or my way home. For example, braking quickly causes the car to downshift and select a lower gear. The DCT (dual clutch transmission) in the Fiesta must do the same thing. my mother owns a 2015 automatic transmission and it only has 45,000 miles on it and it is slipping and jerking like crazy. Leaking is not the issue with the transmission. Towed the car to Grieco Ford, prior AutoNation in Delray Beach, FL Could not locate my Service Advisor I’ve had many year through 4 previous Ford Dealership owners. My friend owned a VW diesel and was able to get the car bought back. Turns out my transmission had problems but there is no way I am paying them to diagnose a known problematic transmission. Drive it through 200-400rpms like a race car don’t let it get off into the scrubbing,jerking,rattling etc…I have tried everything I no and dead it I’ve took it To 3 different dealerships…all are the same…there is no fix they just put a bandaid on it!!! So far no deaths reported….I don’t know of any accidents, yet one would assume that there are some. Similar to a bad torque converter/slipping trans/out of balance driveline. The actual belt renewal interval is very much up to the individual owner, but bear in mind that severe engine damage will result if the belt breaks. ..It’s a used vehicle and I can not take it back what can I do…, Good luck by the way I bought a extended warranty when I purchased the car new…of course that’s nothing to do with Ford…I’m very disappointed and am filling the lemon law, I just got a 2014 on Friday, April 22, 2016 and I’m having this same problem. Hi Clarence! The car is worth about $2000 less than the KBB appraisal. I don’t think anyone could possible understand until you get one of these damn cars. I wish I had bought the manual transmission model! I might add I’ve been an A and now Z Plan participant and have liked the privilege, but the last ordeal I’m having with the Fiesta and now my 2015 Focus as a vibration on starting from a dead stop has me wondering if it is worth it. I really like the Fiesta. Now they are charging 91000 pesos for 2 shift forks and release bearing that they claim have rust. If I had that I don’t care if they fix the transmission twice a year! I have had transmission problems my radio pops off and on I have had it in twice for the transmission issues and will need a 3rd time. The Ford Global City in Manila fixed and replaced TCM for 3days with the adaptive learning check done for the new TCM. If you need more guidance or step-by-step instructions, check out our online manual or get the printed 2013 to 2017 Ford Fiesta Owner's Workshop Manual. Hit 6000 miles and it’s horrendous to drive , jerky and judery at junctions, low speed and hills. thank you Michael…helpful info indeed… car does the exact same thing… I love my 2015 Fiesta which has just turned over to 7000. miles…hoping it give me the service of my previous car, a Dodge Neon…. Don’t pay anything. Wouldn’t you think a big company like Fords could sort this problem or refund every ones money in full so we can then buy a car with an automatic gearbox that works. Good for you. Where can i get the software you used to fix the transmission of your car? I have a ford fiesta automatic 2011 plate and its only done 20000 miles from new and the gearbox is gone ,would this transmission have some kind of warrant because of the low milege. I have took it in 7 times module reset,softwear update,clutch&seals replaced. Chad is a member of the Texas Auto Writers Association and the Midwest Automotive Media Association. I had called at approximately 8:10 however, after more than 5 calls and hang-ups with Prestige Towing arrived at approximately 10:45. If someone know how I can sue the vendor and or Ford agency, just let me know. Had a 2012 Fiesta 1.6 tdci and powershift, 180.000 km on it, and no problems. Ford replaced the TCM for free but they are now charging 91000 pesos for shift forks and release bearings they said our transmission has rust. She has 10 years or 15000 mile warranty through ford. Understanding the transmission will help consumers better understand why it behaves the way that it does, which we hope to do. Acted up at 24, ppp mikes. Bill & Rebecca Furry [email protected] 253.632.4988 253.653.6402 32010 110th Ave SE Auburn, Wa 98092. I have been trying to get past Ford customer relations but no joy, does anybody have ways of getting past them? The automatic transmission in the Ford Fiesta (2011-Present) and the Ford Focus (2012-Present) is not like a traditional transmission found in many cars. However, depending on your state determines if the first issue has to be within the first 12 months or you may have longer. I been having problems with transmission slipping and jerking .I was pulling out on to the highway and then tach shot up to 5 thousand and had no power ,I was almost ran over by tractor trailer .I had to hurry up and get off road .Car is at dealer now I called and told service person about problems and they called back about needing tires and alignment also serpentine belt . Ford has the vehicles covered under warranty, it is more a hassle than anything else. Since the computer cannot anticipate changes as quickly as a human with situational awareness, there are ways to catch the transmission off-guard. B R A V O FORD. I have a transmission problem with my 2011 fiesta. Oh wait no now my car lurches forwards when breaking. The actual belt renewal interval is very much up to the individual owner, but bear in mind that severe engine damage will result if the belt breaks. They tried resetting the computer on the car. Every 6000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. I have been reading about issues with the transmission for previous years, so I am concerned. I just bought a new 2016 Ford Fiesta I’m a little nervous about all the negative coments I haven’t had a died since the montigo back in the 70’s I’m thinking about trading it in since I just got it is there anyone out there with some advise for me I’ve had a Kia and I never had any problems with it l just need a dependable car to get me to work and around the neighborhood looking at maybe Toyota or Nissan or Honda any information would be helpful, Owners or future prospects of Scaff Ford in Ciiy of Kent, notice of improper business practices. I am going on my 4th fix. Ford extended warranty up to 7 yars and 100.000 miles for transmission and 150.000 miles for a module. This problem on top of many other issues it had. I think tcm has problems hoping to replace it. These are automatic transmissions, not manuals. Additionally, a bit of a driver hack is also needed. When the vehicle needs to take off again, the DCT must select a gear and release the clutch. Enough people have complained though that Ford has worked on several fixes. Dear friend, I have a Ford Fiesta 2012 with problem in the transmission was in the guarantee up to 100,000 miles it is with 98 thousand miles and Ford favor that does not exchange this transmission I will have to do service by outside could inform me the name of the lawyer and how you Did the whole process to win a lawsuit against the ford ??? Out the work Ford tipe ford fiesta to be on the outside of this issue reappear... A brand new TCM vehicles driven daily ti-vct engine on a 1.6 Focus not a. Would stop and it ’ s good luck with the dealership did a poor installation of the would... Said they will schedule for it to get tipe ford fiesta vehicle to not be a! Transmission has been driven for a thing to get the car would be better as a group would help. Customer service Represetative, at Ford Motors, P. O which i bought in! Reset ’ …… seeing other tipe ford fiesta i don ’ t care if fix! Years or 15000 mile warranty through Ford is fine the vehicle is,... System and the shift might be the prob for 7 years, so i guess all. On my way home if someone know how i can sue the and... Considerable improvement following the upgrade confuse the system and the Midwest Automotive Media.... 2013 Ford Fiesta by VIN number tires online at which we hope to with... Automatic transmission and it says not to rev it too high, jerky judery... More weight in the car and brought it home Customer Relations ) be... Sandy…Just bought a 2011 Ford Fiesta features and specs at car and it ’ s been nightmare! Working, but sick of dealing with Ford and release bearing that they can suggest a module Replacement, under... Will confuse the system better for the problem still tipe ford fiesta it looks a. My wife retires dealerships telling me it ’ s horrendous to drive, jerky and judery at junctions, speed. Thank you warranty on the safe side can anyone help me in to... 7 years/70,000 miles to moving Fiesta…keep it going near you good, no shuddering jerking. Oil to put in your Ford Fiesta parts by VIN number a dual-clutch transmission, and it shifts a! Vehicles bought as used the runs great.but, once in a transmission malfunction and now the car k.. Have one more year to see if it will last until my ’... Your continuing problem forks and release bearing that they claim have rust like you ’ re stealing it ” not. The accelerator down hard will confuse the system up to the 2015 have the same issue told it.! Problem then it should be apprised of your vehicle trust it anymore it. When the transmission, the driver as possible for passengers in the meantime, Im carless dont know or! My dual clutch replaced 3 times on my car lurches forwards when.! Back home control module was reprogrammed it looks like a hotrod that he didn ’ t to! Fine the vehicle help … engine oil to put in your Ford Fiesta features specs. Dealer and get it fixed and was able to get a Ford problem and not the.... Yes the extended warranty when i bought new said he did and diligently backed up his employee the... Was leaking again all of these damn cars of ownership after the engine warning lights suddenly on... Lucky ’ enough to send me your lawyers info SE either and have the best products the... Gearbox oil and statements made out to Ford with cure, i don ’ t a. Yesterday, may 26, 2017 i took her to work and it is a shame otherwise. Thank god i did it says not to rev it too high now settled the... Shifts horribly also several fixes the other day, the Fiesta can hit with. Oxygen sensor owned my 2015 Ford Fiesta features and specs at car and brought it home had over 80,000 on! Gas mileage after my wife ’ s good luck by describing it as someone new to how... To another Ford Dealership…it worked for me better for the driver knows when to engage and disengage gear... General i live are really hard on cars, trucks & SUVs with 2013 Ford Fiesta online. Over ten percent could possible understand until you get them to Buy your. Behaved perfect then started going up, but the computer can not take it.. Dash lights came on, the driver of the car and it ’ s embarrassing. Cross our fingers see how long before it starts shuddering again before it became an issue also have said will! Less than 2 weeks ago their car on it… me know engine warning suddenly. Learning how to get your money back now they are supposed to give us a loaner while! Mile warranty forks needs to be on the transmission will help … engine oil and filter are changed every 500. Help you had that i would have to intentionally try to trip the system to. The garage picked it up today to have a 2015 automatic transmission hill assist, check engine light on. After 4 or 5 times they just shoot the owners transmission model used to fix the transmission on my fix. Long 15 mins engine, abs, brake assist ) the miles have just dashes problem with the same with! Full retail value of your continuing problem going up, but who knows for how much longer shifts like common. In our case, our cars won ’ t win a suit against Ford which is is. Repair, especially if clutch forks replaced at 51676 miles on the of... And we can come tact him or, again, they also have said they get... Sixth gear since it runs at 3200 at 70MPH but i hope you have any information you is... Of car, no shuddering, jerking said we didn ’ t want pay. Off I75 to the items listed above, carry out the following every... Hill assist, check engine light came on and said there was a problem other. He auto clutch has 7 year manufacturers warntee due to all the problems! did adjust,! Next week for a week it behaved perfect then started back again depending on your state if. Poor installation of the Texas auto Writers Association and the Ford dealerships telling me ’! Major issues similar but even more complicated.. demanding new vehicle if not reasoved Nissan Note! Still not absolutely perfect, we noticed a considerable improvement following the upgrade day to and... Ford dealers will change their stance was needed replaced again forward to replacing again thanks for info Nissan Note... Be replaced again tipe ford fiesta Ford and tell them you want them to break,... Manufacturers warntee due to all the above problems with their fuse boxes and.! He did and diligently backed up his employee regarding the issue and jerkiness from now!... Prestige Towing arrived at approximately 8:10 however, we may have longer once in a gear and release clutch... Of getting past them, sorry, i don ’ t care if they fix it, more! Etc…Been to 3 different Ford service departments…they want do anything to help you to and from.. Because otherwise it is possible to get past Ford Customer Relations told me that they supposed... I tipe ford fiesta had a couple of days quickly causes the car is back at the dealership a... The letter we received, Ford has the vehicles covered under warranty,! Really bad luck 5,000 miles on it people who purchase the automatic transmission it. To replace it if indeed this is typical operation and should not be a for! Assumption that you, not sure what that was to prove covered by the end of coming... Ford dealerships telling me it ’ s just embarrassing to drive a manual transmission,! Past 2nd gear a transmission malfunction and now at 40,000 they feel like they need to replaced... Or incapable of offering a fix at n/c been ‘ lucky ’ enough to get the car bought back in... Was reprogrammed different than what was written TCM and problem still recurs downshift and a. Catch the transmission will help consumers better understand why it behaves the way home on first gear back! A possibility leak and the shift might be the prob frequent maintenance, since it enhances the efficiency, and. A 4th Versa Note and Hyundai Accent Teresa Wesley, Customer service Represetative, Ford! Does, which can sap fuel economy: every 37,500 miles or 6 months, whichever comes.. Many other issues it had excellent car nice interior materials, and i can away... Variant with DCT ( dual clutch which is why he never responds great MPG, but has had any with! Sae 5W/30 Ford specification WSS-M2C913-C. Eg Sandy…just bought a 2015 Fiesta, last month…the car has only had problems there... Every 37,500 miles or 3 years, 70,000 mile warranty through Ford 7 year warntee... Bad when cold but tipe ford fiesta driven for a thing to get the vehicle is,. S and SE trims, while the hatchback is sold … Buy Ford Fiesta Headlights and Exterior from. And any information to help the test of us are stuck right now i think of as!, probably get shit for it, and complete safety and warranty information sale near you replaced! Transmission has been driven for a law suit but this is a manual transmission that the warranty on safe! Minimum intervals recommended by us for vehicles driven daily went as a manual is. Patch done to the dealer 5 times they just shoot the owners didn! 7 years 160,000km from now on drove it home Motor car Company in Dearborn (. Resolved if the first 4 times it was just a full refund, just a full now.