There is a switch next to the sink that turns the power on to the rear lights and outlet (I assume because it's like that in the front). We replaced the bulbs and they still don't work. For trailers that have a little more going on electrically, we recommend 7-pin connectors. Where do I look next? With Hanna RV & Trailer Supply, you’ll be equipped for any DIY project on your pop up camper. When we are plugged into electric the outlets in the camper work but the lights do not. I'm actually not sure if they've every worked as this had been a project camper since purchase and I'm just now getting to the lights. Pop up camper battery/ electrical question! Two types of a trailer wiring tester. Towing a trailer requires certain laws be met according to each state. I do have power to my outlets inside and out but to interior lights . We just bought a used 2008 Forest River Rockwood Freedom 2270 pop up camper. IF all the 12 volts is not working plugged in then it is a converter problem, ... i have a 1999 Jayco Laurel Pop up. It checked out at the dealership, and we took it for a 5,000 mile trip in the autumn. Any thoughts on why this might be happening? We only realized this when we went camping this season and our auxillary battery was drained even though we were connected to electric. So you all do not have to read every post to find out what the problem was, the camper has 13 lights that light up when the running lights turn on and it was just too much for the 20 amp fuse. Thanks in advance. I was winterizing my camper today in my drive way and I took out the 12 volt Deep cycle battery (brand new) and put it on a battery maintainer in my garage. As this job was done in conjunction with the rear of the caravan being re-sheeted, the lights had to be measured up to make sure they were fitted straight. We love our Jayco Pop Up camper but we debated a lot about a Travel Trailer. It wasn't until I started getting ready for this summer's adventures that I discovered the turn signal and brake light on the right side are not working. Hook up your trailer and connect the trailer light harness. I’m having problems with the lights on all but one of my three trailers. by Jill (Chino Valley, AZ) Question: I have a 1996 Winnebago Adventure and the brake lights are not working. Brake Lights. Check your vehicle's plug configuration. Here at we offer you the best selection of RV side markers, tail lights and safety lights so everyone can see where you are and keeps everyone safe for your next RV outing. Hey guys,lately when I plug up the camper to my truck the upper running lights do not work, all others do,I tried to see if something needed cleaning in the plug but saw nothing,so I cleaned the terminals in side the plug with an emory board trimmed down but that didn't work,any suggestions. **Click "Show More" for more info**Check us out online for our RV, Boat, Jeep and Camping Blog Posts, Stickers, Graphics, apparel and more! Hello - I appreciate any help on this one as I searched all of the threads in tow haul and didn't find the answer. If the tail lights work and the rest of the running lights do not you have a broken connection on the trailer. I am hoping someone has a simple answer to the following question. • open crank hatch • if nut (30) is wedged against the roll pin, it cannot tighten to the clutch assembly to hold the roof up 2. with the roof on the down position, secure the roof latches 3. rockwood pop up camper troubleshooting guide problem: roof will not stay up solution: 1. inspect to determine if the roof has been over cranked. 7-Pin Connector. The light harness is a 4-prong from the TV wired into a 6-prong on the trailer. The lights in the rear of the camper did not work and he said it was just the bulbs. Took it to the dealer and they gave me some bs about how the truck can’t run led lights or more than 10 amps and blew me off. Pop-up Gizmos - 00:15 2. When I purchased it the ceiling lights were working. We carry Rockwood compatible products from Forest River, Goshen, JR Products, and more. From lift system parts and cranks to lights and latches, we have what you need. RV Tail Lights Make sure everyone can see where you are at night with our select line of RV side markers. Older trailers may be missing lights due to damage or wiring shortages. My taillights on my trailer are not working. I have added pictures of the current setup. If all the lights appear dim or you have no lights at all, check the trailer light harness at the tow vehicle. Checked the fuses and all seem fine. The tail lights are different from the turn/stop lights and the tail lights are all wired to the same circuit as the rest of the running lights. All the outlets and exterior lights work fine. Left turn signal and brake is not working. Shop our selection of Rockwood pop up camper repair parts and accessories to make sure your camper is in top shape. Tail Lights At Hanna RV, we have the replacement tail lights you need to get your trailer working properly again. The 2 added pins are for Auxiliary Power and Back- I have a 1993 coleman pioneer pop up camper and I have no lights on the inside . Can anyone tell me if the yellow wire in the picture should be attached some where. Jump to each tip with the links below:1. We carry everything from submersible lights for marine applications to LED lights for heavy duty towing. All truck lights are working at all times. Even the electrical outlet in the rear by the sink doesn't work. ive checked bulbs and a tube fuse , ... My 2013 Jayco Jay Flight ac, microwave and lights are not working when plugged into a 30 amp shore power. The camper is new. HELP - My tail lights are not working, I am starting with the 7 pin connector. When hooked up to my camper with the 7 way connector and with a 7 pin to 4 pin adapter for my utility trailer the brake lights and turn signals work, however the running lights will not work. Yes there is power on the truck I even hook my truck up to a different trailer this morning and it work so it’s NOT the truck it’s the camper … I have the factory tow package. Replacing lights is quite a simple job; the most difficult part is to ensure that the wiring is correctly refitted so the lights work properly, and that the connections are all sealed properly. Pop Up Camper Interior Lights: Frequently Asked Questions 1) My interior Lights on my pop-up are new but not working, what is the problem? There are other options to hauling your trailer without working lights. We have a 2003 Coleman pop up Santa Fe with a World Friendship Co. Power Converter. All, I have a 1997 Coleman Santa Fe popup camper. There are 4 bulbs in all and none appear to be burnt out. I hope this helps make your pop-up camper life easier!! Most likely, the 12V side of your charger/ power converter is not working .But before making such a conclusion, you should check and confirm that no circuit breaker is tripped, no fuses are blown and there are no loose connections on the converter.
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